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  • Ed Dozier

Update a Fresh Lightroom 6 Install to Version 6.14 Without Adobe’s Help

Adobe no longer keeps the Lightroom standalone version updates on their web server. Face it; Adobe has abandoned its standalone users. If you want to install Lightroom6 from your DVD onto your new computer, you’ll only get Lightroom 6.0. If you have a second computer that already has Lightroom installed with the updates (e.g. version 6.14), you’re in luck! If you have never done any updates, then I’m sorry to say that you have little hope of getting your standalone Lightroom program updated.

The CreativeCloud Lightroom users continue to get regular updates, and this procedure doesn’t apply to them. Personally, I’m not a software-rental kind of guy and I want to stick with the standalone Lightroom instead.

Follow the instructions below to get your target machine updated to version 6.14 (or whatever is your latest update). You’re allowed a maximum of two Lightroom installations when you buy the standalone Lightroom on DVD.

These instructions are for the Windows 10.0 x64 operating system. I don't know if a similar procedure will work for other operating systems.

1) If you already have a separate second Lightroom installation, but you want to shift it onto another (third) computer instead, then select ‘Help | Sign Out’ on that other computer from inside Lightroom. Now, you will be able to install and use Lightroom on another computer. The “signed-out” computer will no longer permit you to use Lightroom on it, but it won’t cause Lightroom to be un-installed there, either.

2) Install Lightroom 6.0 from your DVD onto your (new) target machine.

3) Verify your new 6.0 installation works (enter your Lightroom DVD serial number, etc.).

4) Copy “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom\*.*” onto a USB stick mounted on your Lightroom 6.14 machine (it’s about 1.8 GB in size). You could substitute writing a blank DVD with these folders if you don’t have a USB stick.

5) Put the USB stick into your target Lightroom 6.0 machine.

6) Copy the folder “Adobe Lightroom” over your target machine “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom” folder, in order to replace the (6.0) files and add any new (version 6.14) files.

7) Allow “Administrator Permission” if requested, to allow all identical filenames to overwrite the files on your target machine.

The files copied here won’t affect your Lightroom catalog, which is stored in:

C:\This PC\Pictures\Lightroom\LightroomCatalog.lrcat

That’s it! Now, your new computer’s 6.0 Lightroom installation should have all of the necessary files to transform it into a Lightroom 6.14 installation!



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