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  • Ed Dozier

Clean Your Camera Image Sensor

Are you a little intimidated about cleaning those dust bunnies off your camera sensor? Should you punt and pay to have it done for you?

It's a little scary to clean your camera sensor if you haven't done it before. I used to bring my camera to a Nikon repair facility to get it cleaned. They would keep my camera overnight, and it would cost me $70.00 for something that took them about 5 minutes of their labor.

My D7000 camera, for roughly the first 12,000 exposures of its life, would sling oil onto the sensor. The Nikon service center denied this was oil, and indicated I was probably a little sloppy in my camera-handling cleanliness. Beg to differ. One time I cleaned my sensor (a "wet clean") and then made a 1000-shot time lapse video. By the end of this 20-minute video, the sensor probably had a hundred oil blobs on it. Arrgh. There is a cheap solution (one of those bad puns again).

Believe me, you can't get oil off of a camera sensor unless you give it a "wet clean". But what about the more usual case of mere sticky dust? The kind of dust that a blower can't budge? There's now a tool you can buy that can clean off stubborn sensor dust in a safe and easy way.

I made a little video that shows how simple and quick it can be to clean your camera sensor yourself. You don't need to be a frady cat any more!

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