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  • Ed Dozier

Sigma 150-600 Firmware Update 1.02 for Nikon D500

I wanted to alert you about an update for both the Contemporary and Sports versions of the 150-600 mm lens. Sigma announced this update to fix an overexposure problem with using the Sigma TC-1401 teleconverter when using the Nikon D500.

Sigma cautions that you will need to update Sigma Optimization Pro to version 1.3 prior to updating to version 1.4.1 if you’re still using the old version 1.1 or earlier.

Their download page is located here.

You of course need to have their USB dock to perform this lens update. Their Sigma Optimization Pro software will then update your lens firmware to the latest (1.02) when you connect the lens/dock to your computer.

This is still my most-used lens I own. If you haven’t tried it (or their new 60-600 version), you should. I’m not getting anything from Sigma to say this, either.

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